Exhibitor List
  Floor Plan

Show Hours:
Fri: 1 pm - 8 pm
Sat: 9 am - 7 pm
Sun: 10 am - 5 pm

2018 New England Saltwater Fishing Show

Floor Plan

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Canyon Reels, LLC
Booth: 0101

On The Water
Booth: 0102-0105

Stryker's Custom Flies
Booth: 0106

Interesting Items
Booth: 0107

Solar Eyewear
Booth: 0108

Wickford Boat Rentals
Booth: 0109

Cape Cod Sportsman
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Booth: 0110

Newport Jerky Company
Booth: 0111

Stone Silo Foods, Inc.
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Booth: 0112

Frank's Live Bait & Tackle
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Booth: 0113

RIDEM Enforcement Division

Booth: 0114

RI Division of Fish & Wildlife
Booth: 0115

Seaward Boatworks
Booth: 0116-0118

The Kayak Centre of RI
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Booth: 0201-0203

Acampora Taxidermy
Booth: 0204

No Fluke Charters
Booth: 0205

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Booth: 0206-0208

Clearwater Boats
Booth: 0209

Outcast Skiffs
Booth: 0209

Wood Boat & Motor, Inc.
Booth: 0209-0210

Campion Boats
Booth: 0210

Evinrude Outboards
Booth: 0210

Pink Heals R.I.
Booth: 0211-0212

XSpot Archery
Booth: 0213-0214

Booth: 0221

Black Hole USA
Booth: 0222-0223

Al Gag's Custom Lures
Booth: 0224

Rhode Island Army National Guard
Booth: 0225

Bill Hurley Lures
Booth: 0226

Tanaku Lodge
Booth: 0227

Garmin International
Booth: 0228

Solar Eyewear #2
Booth: 0229-0230

Newport Marine Outfitters & Electronics
Booth: 0231

American Littoral Society
Booth: 0232

Booth: 0301-0302

Saltwater Edge
Booth: 0301-0303

Van Staal
Booth: 0304

NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region
Booth: 0305

John Skinner Fishing
Booth: 0306

Flippin' Out Charters
Booth: 0307

Cannon Downriggers
Booth: 0308

ComMar Sales, LLC
Booth: 0308

Booth: 0308

Minn Kota
Booth: 0308

Hat Trick Embroidery
Booth: 0309

Yankee Fleet
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Booth: 310

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Booth: 0311-0312

Red Cedar Trail
Booth: 0313

Coastal Resources Mgmt Council (CRMC)
Booth: 0314

Northeast Kayak Charters
Booth: 0315

Scotty Fishing & Paddlesport Products
Booth: 0315

Megrew's Boats, Inc.
Booth: 0316-0317

JohnnyO Tackle
Booth: 0321-0322

Little Rhody Charters
Booth: 0323

Murphy's Fly Box
Booth: 0323

Seaport Communications
Booth: 0324

Providence VA Medical Center
Booth: 0325

Booth: 0326

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Booth: 0327

Surfcaster's Journal Magazine
Booth: 0328

Daiwa Corporation
Booth: 0329-0330

Jones & Company
Booth: 0329-0330

Brewer Cowesett Marina
Booth: 0331

Fork Length Fashion
Booth: 0332

New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance
Booth: 0333

Mister B's Jerky Co.
Booth: 0334

Best Tackle Source
Booth: 0335

Lonely Angler
Booth: 0401-0402

Line Cutterz, LLC
Booth: 0403

D.J. Muller Surfcasting
Booth: 0404

Fin-Nor Reels
Booth: 0405

Murski-Breeding Sales, Inc.
Booth: 0405-0407

Quantum Fishing
Booth: 0406

StormR Technology
Booth: 0407

Accurate Fishing Products
Booth: 0408

Corrado's Canvas & Cushions, Inc.
Booth: 0409-0410

Marine Metal Fabricators,

Booth: 0411-0413

Custom Marine Plastics, Inc.
Booth: 0414-0415

Canal Bait & Tackle
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Booth: 0421-0422

Heidi Jo's Jerky
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Booth: 0423-0424

Roberts Lures, Inc.
Booth: 0425

Striper Maine-iac Custom Tackle
Booth: 0426-0427

Hull Bait & Tackle
Booth: 0428

Bayle Mountain Marketing,

Booth: 0429-0430

Cheeky Fishing
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Booth: 0431-0432

Seigler Reels
Booth: 0429-0430

Advanced Fishing USA
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Booth: 0433

Century Rods
Booth: 0433

RayMarine, Inc.
Booth: 0434-0435

Island Jewelers
Booth: 0501

Richard Associates, Inc.
Booth: 0501

E-Fish360, LLC
Booth: 0502

Hogy Lure Co.
Booth: 0503

St. Croix Rods
Booth: 0504-505

Maxima Fishing Line
Booth: 0506

Lunker City Fishing Specialties
Booth: 0507-0508

Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association
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Booth: 0509
North Atlantic Monster
Shark Tournament

Booth: 0510

Alliance Sports Group, LLC
Booth: 0511-0513

Okuma Fishing Tackle
Booth: 0511

Savage Gear
Booth: 0512

GT Ice Cream Plugs
Booth: 0513

Booth: 0513

Lions VIP Fishing Tournament
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Booth: 0514

Rhode Island Lions Sight Foundation, Inc.
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Booth: 0514

Capt. Bruce Sportfishing, LLC
Booth: 0515

Otter Lures
Booth: 0515

U.S. Sportswear
Booth: 0521

Fishbone Bait
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Booth: 0522

Costa Del Mar
Booth: 0523

Don Coffey Co.
Booth: 0523-0528

Shimano USA
Booth: 0523-0525

G. Loomis
Booth: 0526-0527

Booth: 0528

Fisherman's World, Inc.
Booth: 0529-0535

Arrigoni Design, Ltd.
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Booth: 0601-0602

Sea Tow RI
Booth: 0603-0604

Tackle Deals
Booth: 0605-0606

Formula X2
Booth: 0607

LTB Distributing
Booth: 0607

Atomic Tape
Booth: 0608

3D Fishing Products, Inc.
Booth: 0609

Bass Pro Shops
Booth: 0610

Star Rods
Booth: 0611

Suggs-Nicholas-Shea, Inc.
Booth: 0611-0612

Owner Hooks
Booth: 0612

Herring Alliance
Booth: 0613

Booth: 0614-0615

Harbor Light Software,Inc.
Booth: 0621

Beavertail Rod & Reel
Booth: 0622

Skurge of the Sea
Booth: 0623-0624

Cutco Cutlery
Booth: 0625

Reel Easy Custom Rods
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Booth: 0626

Jay Jigs Custom Rod & Tackle
Booth: 0627

Flying Tail Cuff
Booth: 0627

Vintage Fish Company
Booth: 0628

Northeast Tackle Co.
Booth: 0629-0631

Guy Cotten, Inc.
Booth: 0701-0702

J & B Tackle Company
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Booth: 0703-0707

Fluid Film
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Booth: 0708

Booth: 0709

Penn Fishing
Booth: 0710

Pure Fishing
Booth: 0710-0712

Booth: 0711

Berkley Tackle
Booth: 0712

The Art of Tools
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Booth: 0713

Ancient Mariner Reels
Booth: 0714

Booth: 0715

Ken's Custom Flies
Booth: 0721

Run Off Lures Co.
Booth: 0722-0724

Veteran Angler Charters
Booth: 0725

Fire Escape Charters
Booth: 0726

Goin' East
Visit our WEB site
Booth: 0727-0728

9ER's Lures
Booth: 0729-0732

Anglers Journal
Booth: 0733

Double Haul Anglers
Booth: 0734

Harrington Graphics
Booth: 0735

Laura Jay Charters
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Booth: 0801

Gibbs Lures, Inc.
Booth: 0802-0803

DEEP Ocean Apparel
Booth: 0803

My Fishing Cape Cod
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Booth: 0804

Gear-Up Surfcasting
Booth: 0805

Guppy Lure Co.
Booth: 0806

Reel Cast Charters
Booth: 0807

Narrow River Rods
Booth: 0808

Reel Psychos, Inc.
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Booth: 0809

Jerky Hut
Booth: 0810

The Fisherman's Line
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Booth: 0811-0812

U-DEK Marine Flooring by Ultralon
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Booth: 0813

Titone Custom Metalworks
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Booth: 0814

South Coast Power Coating
Booth: 0815

Ocean Marine Insurance Agency, Inc.
Booth: 0821

Goose Hummock Shop
Booth: 0822-0826

The Fisherman Magazine
Booth: 0827-0828

Booth: 0829

Ipswich Bay Marine
Booth: 0830

JC's Offshore Tackle
Booth: 0831-0832

Line Stretcher Tackle Co.
Booth: 0833

Jetty Ghost Tackle
Booth: 0834-0835

Lady Ann Candies
Booth: 0901-0902

Booth: 0903

Amy's Creations
Booth: 0904

Falmouth Bait & Tackle Co.
Booth: 0905-0908

Maritime Solutions, Inc.
Booth: 0909-0910

Bounty Hunter Charters
Booth: 0911

Freedom Boat Club
Booth: 0910

Red Top Sporting Goods, Inc.
Booth: 0912-0915

Big Game Sportfishing
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Booth: 0921-0922

Fluke Till Ya Puke Tournament
Booth: 0922

The Wall Kids, Inc
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Booth: 0923

Battery Junction
Booth: 0924-0925

Shore Power, Inc.
Booth: 0924-0925

Coastal Angler Magazine
Booth: 0926

Booth: 0927-0928
Offshore Innovations, Inc.
Booth: 0929

Poon Harpoons
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Booth: 0929

Saucy Lures
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Booth: 0930

Tady Lure Corporation
Booth: 0931

American Sports Apparel
Booth: 0932

Worm Bar
Booth: 0933-0935

East Coast Charters, LLC
Booth: 1001

Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle
Booth: 1002-1003

A & S Tackle Corp.
Booth: 1004

Jigging World
Booth: 1005-1008

AquaSkinz Corp.
Booth: 1009-1010

Hayward Performance Tackle

Dylan Stewart Pyrography
Booth: 1013

Manhattan Tackle
Booth: 1014

New Bedford Marine Rescue
Booth: 1015

TowBoat US
Booth: 1015

Capt. John Boats
Visit our WEB site
Booth: 1021

Grainger Pottery Sandwich
Booth: 1022

Crafty One Customs
Booth: 1023

AVET Reels
Booth: 1024

FINS Braids
Booth: 1024

G & B Fishing Systems, Inc.
Booth: 1024-1025

Rogue Offshore
Booth: 1025

Booth: 1025

H.P. Agency
Booth: 1026

Tomo's Tackle, Inc.
Booth: 1027-1028

Block Island Giant Shark Tournament
Booth: 1029

Viking Eyewear
Booth: 1030

C-Devil II Sportfishing, Inc.
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Booth: 1031

Frank's Classic Tackle
Booth: 1101-1102

Teezer Fishing Charters
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Booth: 1103

Carroll Custom Rods
Booth: 1104

Fishing For A Cause
Booth: 1105

Meeting Street/The Schwartz Center
Booth: 1105

RISAA Kayak Committee
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Booth: 1106-1107

Fuel Ox
Booth: 1108

Reel Deal
Booth: 1109-1112

Cue Culture
Booth: 1113

Game On!
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Booth: 1114-1115

Anglers Art
Booth: 1121

Copper Fish Sculptures
Booth: 1122

Plum Island Swimbaits
Booth: 1123

Bimini Bay Outfitters Ltd.
Booth: 1124-1128

B & D Enterprises
Booth: 1129

Rhody Fly Rodders
Booth: 1130

New England Paralyzed Veterans of America
Booth: 1131

Save The Bay
Booth: 1132

Snug Harbor Marina, Inc.
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Booth: 1133-1135

Tuna.Com, LLC
Booth: 1201-1202

Wicked Tuna
Booth: 1201-1202

Visit our WEB site
Booth: 1203-1204

RISAA Fly Fishing
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Booth: 1205

Aquidneck Island Rod Builders
Booth: 1206

Offshore Sport Fishing, Inc.
Booth: 1207-1208

Fly Fish Rhode Island
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Booth: 1209

Rhode Island School of
Visit our WEB site
Booth: 1209

Skinny Water Charters
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Booth: 1209

Deep Thoughts Designs
Booth: 1210

Pilsudski Mustard
Booth: 1211

Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association
Booth: 1212

Snug Harbor Marina #2
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Booth: 1213-1215

RISAA Membership
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Booth: 1221-1225

RISAA Merchandise
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Booth: 1226-1228

Hooker Electric, Inc.
Booth: 1229

Gloucester Fleet
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Booth: 1230

Fish Bandit Premiere Clothing
Booth: 1231

The Fishing Academy
Booth: 1232

South Shore Dry Dock Marine
Booth: 1233-1234

Redemption Center
Booth: 1235

Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Foundation (RISAF)
Booth: 1236

Extratuff Boots
Booth: B-01

Fishnet Charters
Booth: B-01

Narragansett Brewing Co.
Booth: B-01

Cape Horn Boats
Booth: B-02

Yankee Marina and Boatyard
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Booth: B-02

Yankee Yacht Sales
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Booth: B-02

Cobia Boats
Booth: B-03

Key West Boats
Booth: B-03

Striper Marina, Inc.
Booth: B-03

Boston Whaler
Booth: B-04

Marine Max
Booth: B-04

Sailfish Boats
Booth: B-04

Rip Lips Fishing
Booth: B-05

Tarbox Toyota
Booth: B-06

Inland Marine, Inc.
Booth: B-07

Sea Hunt Boats
Booth: B-07

Yamaha Outboards
Booth: B-07

Amesbury Dory
Booth: B-08

New England Institute of Technology
Booth: B-09

North Coast Boats
Booth: B-10

Standish Boat Yard, Inc.
Booth: B-10

Kids Zone
Booth: B-11

Booth: B-12

Casting Lane
Booth: B-13

BassYaks Features
Visit our WEB site
Booth: B-14

Booth: B-15

Booth: Casting Lane

More exhibitors being added daily.....


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